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The paint manufacturing industry was established in 1911.

The estimated total capacity of the paint manufacturers is approximately equivalent to 250 million liter per annum.

For the coating consumption in the Philippines, 50% of which is solvent based, 48% is water based and the remaining 2% goes to other coatings.

Volume is forecast to expand a modest 5-6% annual rate through 2011.

Nearly 2/3 of the architectural coatings are water based emulsion-based products.

A 5% annual rate growth is forecast for architectural coatings as building activity expands and the economy grows at a modest rate.


To become progressive paint industry and a key player in the ASEAN, serving its market with high tech environment friendly products backed up by services from well-trained professionals within a supportive government.

Our Mission
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Our Goals

The Association's Objectives are:
1. To cultivate healthy and profitabe competition among manufacturing members.

2. To provide continuous exchange of technical assistance and services between the suppliers and the manufacturing members for a progressive technology upliftment.

3. To explore potential business opportunities beneficial to the progress of the industry, and to enhance the economic growth of the country.

4. To coordinate with the government for faster services in the approval of quality standards for the protection of the consumers.

5. To seek assistance from the goverment in the implementation of the business taxes and the duties that becomes profitable and favorable to the industry.

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