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Paint Buckets

  Six Decades of PAPM  
  Highlights from the past years  


The Philippine Paint Industry started. A Spanish owned factory was established.


• Post war construction period triggered the rapid growth of local paint industry.

• Foreign investment and joint ventures started.


• Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers ( PAPM) was created.


• Eighteen ( 18 ) paint companies were reported by the National Economic Council.


• The local paint manufacturers grew to 75


• PAPM was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Non-Stock, Non-profit organization.

• 1st By-LAWS of PAPM was created


• 1st PAPM Mini-Olympic in November'88

• The Paint Industry Journal - an official publication of PAPM was published.

• PAPM Secretariat was created with Ms. Marianne Noel and Mr. Vic Tenorio as the secretarial staff.

• The PAPM condominium and office was bought, to house a permanent secretariat under the term of Pres. Francisco Sanz


• 1st PAPM Paint Technology Course was formally opened on June 17, 1989 at Mapua Institute of Technology.

• PAPM finished the standardization of 5 paints (Flat Latex,Flatwall Enamel,Quick Dry Enamel,Exterior Gloss, Gloss Enamel) in May 1989

• PAPM joined BUILDEX '89 at Philcite

• PAPM-BOI Export Committee was formed in April'89

• PAPM started to formulate the next six set of products to be standardized with BPS namely:Toy Enamel Gloss/Semi Gloss Latex, Traffic Paints, Clear Furniture Lacquer, Metal Primer and Roof Paint.

• 1st recorded Bingo Social of PAPM

• PAPM forms Choral group

• A one day workshop on newsletter preparation was offered to the members.

• PAPM supports World Ecologist Foundation (WEF) and participated in "Plant a Seed Day" project

• PAPM formed committee on foreign grant to help fund the testing lab for the paint industry

• PAPM came out with a newsletter named " Color Horizon"

• PAPM established communications with the Bureau of Customs, the Tariff Commision and the BIR

• The 1st biggest-ever PAPM Christmas Raffle was held with a Toyota Lite Ace as the 1st prize

1989 to 1992

• The construction industry underwent a major slump as the country experienced waves of social & political problems. Most of the paint companies were affected.


• There was continuation of standardization of other paints namely: Chlorinated Rubber Based Reflectorized Traffic Paint, White & Yellow, Metal Primers, Waterbased Roof Paints,Portland Cement Roof Paint

• PAPM and EO 413 modifying the reates of import duties and nomenclature of certain imported articles under section 104 of the Tariff and Customs Code of 1978 ( PD No. 1464 ) , as amended.

• The Memorandum Order No. 315 , that the EO No. 413 was held in abeyance

• PAPM joins " Adopt a School Action Program " ( ASAP )

• PAPM was actively involved in business meetings with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industries and other industry associations to coordinate moves in tackling the solutions to economic problems

• The basic paint course was offered to both Mapua and UST students to increase and prepare qualified students for paint industry

• PAPM set links with international associations like the Federation of Paints Societies of USA, Oil and Chemist Associations of UK, and the Paint Technology Society of Australia in order to strengthen information exchange.


• The SCRDC was established in October 1991 primarily to promote the general welfare and interest of the surface coating industry.

• It was the year of survival due to uncertainly of raw material supply, war in gulf , construction slow down, limited foreign exchange , marginal deposits on LC's, high interest rates, high inflation , limited available skilled chemists, slow development of indigenous raw materials.


• PAPM took part in the 22nd ASEAN Chemical Industries Club ( ACIC ) Board of Directors' Meeting and Conference sponsored by SPIK ( Samahan sa Pilipinas ng Industriyang Kimika ) in Cebu City.

• The RA 6969 was introduced to the PAPM ( Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990 )

• A proposal for the creation of an ASEAN Paint Manufacturers Federation in preparation for the implementation of ASEAN Free Trade ( AFTA )

• There were continuous training programs pursued through in-plant seminar, import suppliers, technical seminars and the acquisition of valuable training from foreign principals for the local paint chemists.

• PAPM Technical Committee assisted BPS to encourage the association members to obtain Philippine Standard Mark (PS) approval.Product Standards were patterned after the ASTM,Federal Specifications and ISO 9000 standards.

• A Paint Testing Lab Accreditation to interested PAPM members were offered.


• PAPM installed of a simultaneous faxing facility at the PAPM secretariat

• There was efficient internal communication of PAPM and government agencies like ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) Commission, Bureau of Product Standards ( BPS ) , Industrial Technology Development Institute ( ITDI ) , Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI )

• PAPM attended regular meetings of the G-II where the government conducts dialogues with the private sector through 11 primary industries in the country.

• Decisives steps to improve standards of a locally produced paints in comparison with imported market brands and lobbied for the standardization of paints and varnishes with BPS and ITDI were introduced.

• PAPM met with Japan Paint Manufacturers Association to exchange notes on how to boost productivity in the paint industry.

• First 3 paint manufacturers who have acquired PS Marks by the BPS namely Sinclaire ( Phils.) Fuller O Brien and Dutch Boy Phils.

• A mutual and Beneficial cooperation between Japanese counterparts in the Paint Industry and PAPM Officers and Boards of Directors for linkages between Japan and Philippines.


• Finalization of PAPM Code of Ethics that will govern the industry and designed to serve the stockholders of PAPM, namely its members, customers, the community and the government.

• The association took a stand against Senate Bill No. 854 and BIR Regulation 6-94, An act providing a price increase information law to the industry. PAPM opposes bill.

• Special Projects Committee joined the Ecological Resource Recovery with the Recycling Movement of the Phils., Inc. ( RMP ).

• Quality Paints Packaging Project was launched.

• PAPM joins Paint Show ' 94 in Japan.

• Project for Local Paint Image Building was set.


• PAPM signed up cooperation with SCRDC - Surface Coatings Research and Development Center

• PAPM conducts 1st ISO Symposium

• 1st PAPM Member to be ISO Certified-Rohm & Haas Phils. On January '95 then followed by

• 2nd PAPM Member to be ISO Certified-BASF Coatings & Inks Phils. In February '95

• PAPM joins Samahan sa Pilipinas ng Industriyang Kimika ( SPIK ) exhibit called " Pride of the Philippines" at Shangri-la Plaza as part of EDSA Revolution Anniversary Celebration.

• Aims to be a key player in the ASEAN region with a 3 key directions for the industry

a. Unify the Paint Industry
b. Strengthen hold on the domestic market
c. Go Export

• An Export Education Program was launched

• The launching of SCRDC projects " Performance Study of Local Organic Coating in the Philippine Environment ''


• 1st Philippine Paint Show in October 1996 ( PAPMEX ) under Pres. Jose Sy

• Pres. Fidel V. Ramos inducted PAPM President Jose Sy. And the other PAPM Board Members in Malacañang

• 1st Advanced Course in the Paint Technology entitled " Corrosion Monitoring by Electrochemical Impedence Methods.

• Signed up partnership with SCRDC on the 5 year exposure on various paints.

• The Manual of Paint Technology Course was completed.

• PAPM Board Participated in the 2nd ASEAN Paint Industry Council ( APIC ) meeting in Singapore November 1996

• PAPMEX '96 Subcommittee Members trooped to Hongkong in June to watch the Asia-Pacific Coatings Show, to gain more exposure in handling paint shows.

• JICA approved SCRDC's request for a P9.3 M grant for the coating industry.


• 2nd Philippine Paint Show in October 1997 ( PAPMEX'97 ) under Pres. Alejo M. Dumrique.

• There was a declaration of Pres. Fidel V. Ramos that the 1st week of October every year is the "Philippine Paint Industry Week ( PPIW ) under proclamation Order 1090

• 1st PAPM Golf Open Classic

• 1st PAPM Gala Night known as the "Philippine Paint Industry Night"

• 1st Philippine Conference on Paint Technology entitled "New Trends in Paint Technology"


• Asian currency crisis affected industry

• Creation of the PAPM Credit Bureau System-a system wherein companies would come together and share credit information on customers and other paint associates.

• Creation of the Unified Purchasing Program-a unified program where companies can purchase as one buying block to avail of bulk discounts.

• Advanced Coatings Program for senior chemists, to provide a forum where they can interact and be trained on more complex technical issues.

• A new format of Basic Paint Technology Course was introduced and included a "Hands-On training format for students.

• Both technical course were accredited by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports ( DECS ) and the Professional Regulatory Board (PRC )

• The TESDA and Philippine Constructors Association ( PCA ) worked with PAPM to professionalize the practice and standards of Filipino Painters through the "Painters ID" training program.

• Leaders in government, industry associations and management institutions addressed in PAPM General Membership Meetings with their expertise in technical and some economic issues ( SPIK , AMAPI , PAPIM , PCCI , Makati Business Club , etc. )

• PAPM Bowling Club was attached to the PAPM Sports Committee

• 2nd Philippine Paint Industry Week (Pinta-Lakayan'98, PPIW'98, Golf Open Classic, Pinta - Sayahan sa Pagtatapos at Pasasalamat'98) was held.


• The "Asia-Pacific Coatings Show'' was held in Manila last March 1999.It is a first in the Philippine Paint Industry history

• PAPM President Atty. Arthur Yap represented the Philippines at the Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last November '99

• The 3rd Philippine Paint Industry Week with a theme " Sustaining Strength and Unity in Diversity " was held.

• A Multi Sectoral cooperation was established , Business Agenda 21 , a UNDP Program handled by Philippine Business Environment ( PBE ) with PAPM.

• There was an updating of the PAPM Directory.

2000 to 2001

• The 1st PAPM Factbook 2000 was printed.

• The creation of PAPM website ( )

• PAPM Charter Change-1st amendment of the By-laws of PAPM

• PAPM hosted the 6th Asian Paint Industry Council ( APIC ) Millennium Conference in November 2000

• PAPM extended assistance to Habitat for Humanity Philippine Housing Project.

• More Technical Training Programs (Kaizen, ISO, TQM, Basic & Advanced Coating Seminars, Exporting and Responsible Care ).

• Conceptualization of the Philippine Fandeck ( PAPM Color Guide )

• 1st Philippine Paint Technology Seminar for Marketing.

• PAPM Past President Mr. Paul Y. Ung of Pacific Paint (Boysen) was awarded the "Outstanding Chemist" by the Philippine Regulatory Commission during the PRC week in June 2000

• A "Hands-on''Training on " Design and Analysis of Experiments '' which ran for 40 hours from April 6 to June 24, was organized by the technical committee.

• 1st B-B-Q party and get together at the Poolside of Acropolis Q.C. organized by the December Hosts Committee Members.

• More Socio-Cultural Activities a. Pinta sa Kalikasan b. Palarong PAPMilenyo c. Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival d. Bingo-Social e. Golf Tournament

2002 to 2003

• Participation of PAPM in EXPO-KIMIKA Exhibit, Paint Show in Tokyo, Japan, Asia-Pacific Coatings Show in Singapore and Chem Asia Trade & Technology Exhibit.

• Launching of COATINGS CARE Program

• Seminar on "Management of Family Corporations''

• Outreach Project on the KYTHE Foundation.

• Launching of PAPM Flag Design Contest

• Continual Technical Seminars for Basic and Advanced Courses

• Continual Sports Events like Mini-Olympics, Golf Tournament, Bowling Tournament

2004 to 2005

• MOA Signing of PAPM / UAP / PIA and Habitat for Humanity

• Environmental Consent Agreement (ECONA) MOA Signing with the Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR)

• 1st Golf Tournament that was held in Guangzhou ,China and to attend China Paint Show Exhibit. This was attended by some PAPM Board Members and some PAPM member companies.

• 1st Community Outreach in Canossa Health & Social Center, Tondo,Manila

• The 1st Advanced Paint Course in " POLYMER CHEMISTRY ''

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