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Eligibility For Membership The Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers, Inc. is a Corporate Membership Organization open to Paint and other related protective coating manufacturers as well as paint raw materials, machinery and auxiliary product suppliers in the Philippines. Memberships are also open to any business enterprise engaged in services for the Philippine Paint Industry.


Step 1: Send a letter of intent to join the PAPM addresses to the chairman of Membership Committee

Step 2: Submit the following documents:

2.1 Duly accomplished PAPM membership application for with endorsement from at least three (3) members of the Association, two (2) of which must be a Regular member of good standing:

2.2 Company profile together with: 1. Business Name

2. Nature of Business

3. Names of Stockholders

4. Names of Directors and Officers;

2.3 Photocopy of SEC Registration

Step 3: Forward the duly accomplished application form and other requirements to:

Unit 201 Cityland Condominium III
Herrera cor. Esteban Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City
ATTENTION: Chairman, Membership Committee

The Chairman of the Membership Committee will present all applications to the Board of Directors during its regular BOD meeting for evaluation and approval. Upon approval, the applicant firm shall be requested to comply with the following requirements:

1. The applicant firm must send its company representative (s) to attend at least two (2) General Membership Meetings within a year
2. Paymentof P10,000.00 joining fee (one time payment)
3. Payment of P15,000.00 annual membership dues

Upon completion of the requirements specified above, any authorized company representative of the applicant firm will be requested to meet the Board of Directors on its BOD meeting. Formal induction and awarding of certificates as a member of PAPM will be done on its General Membership Meeting. A company representative will be requested to attend the formal induction of ceremony. If the applicant joined PAPM within the year, membership dues will be computed pro-rata depending on which quarter it falls.


The PAPM membership committee has the primary objective and responsibility to maintain active participation of its entire membership and all of its activities. In this regard, it has created guidelines for all members to observe:

The Committee considers the following factors as the responsibility of each member to the Association:

1. Complete attendance in General Membership Meetings - atleast one representative from each Member
2. Active participation in various activities like Technical Seminars, Training Courses, Sports Activities and other Special Projects.
3. Up-to date Payment of Association dues.

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